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I've just lit a stick of incense. I usually can't indulge in this particular passion of mine, because my grandmother (who lives with us) thought it "stank". Which is kind of hypocritical, since she smokes a pack of cigarettes a day...but thats not what i wanted this to be, its not a rant, so i'll stop. I'm using an incense burner my parents got me for my 21st birthday. A blue dragon perched on a castle, breathing fire down a long stone pathway. As for the exact brand of incense, its from a company called Liquid Blue ( ). The specific type is called "Mushroom Vision" (yes i GET the reference, NO i'm NOT a druggie. :P ). Incense has always intrigued me, watching the plumes of smoke ride up from the glowing tip, like some ethereal filigree. Then watching it vanish into nothingness like magic, as if something so delicate cannot remain in our banal, logical world for long before it is destroyed. And what remains of the incense itself, does any of its ethereal power remain in the still, lifeless ashes the smoke has left behind? Littering the base of the burner, looking very much like the bleached bones of the dragon's past victims. Like bones, are the ashes devoid of all energy and life? Do the ashes envy the smoke, being trapped in the world of the physical, while it soars into the heavens?
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